Sunday, November 21, 2010

Movement Specific Drill for strength

This movement drill is specifically for a mechanical advantage. Even though this exercise is ballet related, it is designed to strengthen the muscles you need in the lower portion of the body to execute a perfect plie jump. It is mechanically equivalent to performing a plie jump, because it is the first half of the movement (the preparation phase) except without the take off.  This drill is used to work each leg independently to increase specifity for that one leg, to make a 2 leg plie jump that much stronger.

Stance: Start grounded on 1 leg, with the other hip externally rotated, and behind you.  Your main focus is the standing leg.
Preparation: Plie (flexion) of the knees slightly.
Follow through: Rise up onto relevee (ball of your foot). Stay lifted throughout the standing leg to ensure balance.
Landing: Roll down onto the ball of your feet and then onto the heel. Be sure to plie as you come back down.

Repeat as necessary, do not go too fast.

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