Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Phase 1 - Stance/starting position

Stance/starting position
Externally rotate your hip joint so your feet are turned out, heels together. Keep your arms nice and graceful, close to your body, like your holding a beach ball.

Shoulder Girdle: To start with good posture: Scapulathoracic retraction (adduction) by the rhomboids and the middle and lower fibers of the traps.
Maintain scapulathoracic retraction (adduction) by the rhomboids and the middle and lower fibers of the traps throughout the whole movement.
Shoulder Joint: External Rotation; Adducters hold you there isometrically in a retraction action.
Isometrically contract your rhomboids and your trapezius to maintain good posture throughout movement.
The Elbow and Radioulnar Joints: Flexion of the biceps brachii, brachialis and, brachioradialis muscles.  90 degrees of pronation of the brachioadialis, pronator teres, and the pronator quadratus muscles . Maintain this position isometrically through out the entire movement.
Hip Joint: External rotation of the pectineus, biceps femoris, gluetus maximus, and the 6 deep lateral rotator muscles.  Maintain this position isometrically through out movement.
Knee Joint: External rotation of the bicep femoris. Isometrically contract through out movement.

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